Battle of the DEX’s

How to enter #Battle of the DEX’s Giveaway

Firebird Finance
2 min readMay 24, 2022


In honour of the Firebird Aggregator release on Cronos, we’re challenging you to put Firebird’s Aggregator to the test and win 50 Cronos (CRO)!

We’ve built the most efficient Swap on Cronos and we want you to challenge us! From the 24rd — 31th of May (Tuesday to Sunday), you could be one of Firebird’s Aggregator giveaway winners simply by sharing how efficient Firebird is on Cronos. 10 lucky winners, chosen at random, will win their share of 500 CRO!


To enter the Firebird Battle of the DEX’S giveaway, you must follow these steps:

  1. Follow Firebird Finance on Twitter, and Like & Retweet the giveaway announcement:
  2. Use Firebird Aggregator ( and challenge us with a swap!
  3. Take a screenshot of both Firebird Aggregator verse your Challenger swap.
    Example: compare with MM Finance:
  4. Choose your winner (whichever has the most cost-efficient swap)!
  5. Post a screenshot of both swaps to the comments on the Giveaway Tweet with the hashtag #FirebirdAggregator and tag 2 friends.
  6. Add the Following Hashtags:
    #FirebirdCronosDEX #FirebirdAggregator #CroFam #Giveaways @CronosChain

Example Entry:

Firebird vs MM.Finance, Firebird wins!
@FirebirdProd @DodusExodus
#FirebirdCronosDEX #FirebirdAggregator #CroFam @CronosChain #Giveaways

Example screenshots


All winners will be announced on the last day of the giveaway. Firebird will DM the winners from the official @FirebirdFinance account. Once all winners have replied with their addresses, all the rewards will be sent out at once.

Firebird Aggregator has the best features, with heavy-duty order routing giving you the best possible returns on your swaps. We couldn’t be more excited to see the #CroFam put Firebird Aggregator to the test!



Welcome to the most efficient DEX on Cronos.



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