DeFi Tales From Crypto Land

Once upon a time in Crypto Land, farmers were exploring new experiments for crypto agriculture and yield farming.

There were so many opportunities in Crypto Land.

Villages were built for farmers. Villages that spanned entire blocks of code.

The farmers had exciting opportunities to visit different villages and even seeded their crops for future harvest.

But evil laid its hands on Crypto land. Bad hackers came to villages with bad intentions, to steal from farmers.

Once, they stole everything, destroyed Crypto Land, and set it on fire.

Villages were burnt, profits lost, and panic grew and grew until there was no hope.

There was no harvest, no paddy, no cake.

Farmers could only pray for themselves, but then they couldn’t and the land was filled with despair until…

At the most desperate moment, a glorious sight was seen.

Firebird rose from the ashes of ruin with a bright burst of light, of hope and joy.

Firebird flew around with pearls of hope falling from its beak, giving farmers a better future in Crypto Land.

This beacon of peace in crypto land created a wall of protection around the crops.

In the era of Firebird, farmers held their hands, tossed Hope pearls high in the air to celebrate.

This is Firebird.

Where hope, protection, and security are available to all farmers.

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