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$FBA Cashback Minting

Get rewarded for swapping!

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5 min readJul 1, 2022



  1. Traders on Firebird get cashback in the form of $FBA for every qualified transaction. They will literally be paid for swapping!
  2. Cashback feature will be enabled at 10AM UTC on July 1st, 2022.
  3. Bi-weekly snapshots are taken for these qualified transactions, after which $FBA is then minted and made available to claim.
  4. $FBA needs to be claimed on the Firebird UI from our home-base on Fantom.
  5. Referral Program built into $FBA tokenomics as bonus passive income for our users who connect with friends.

A max-minting cap of 5k $FBA daily has been implemented for security purposes. Subject to change depending on volume and collected fees.


A first-of-its-kind token, $FBA is designed with a multichain cashback feature that rewards you for swapping. You are earning tokens while swapping with the lowest slippage and best rates on the market! After a successful and eligible swap, you will be able to claim some $FBA. Once claimed, the tokens can be staked for $veFBA, granting depositors governance participation rights whilst receiving a share of profits from all chains where the aggregator fee is enabled.

For those unfamiliar with $FBA, please refer to the FBA Medium Article where we share all the details on tokenomics and more. Including a high level diagram!

Minting Mechanism

  1. Snapshots will be taken every Tuesday and Friday at 8AM UTC.
  2. The $FBA mint amount for a specific user is determined per transaction (using a 24hr Time Weighted Average Price).
  3. The total $FBA mint amount is determined simply by dividing the collected fees in USD by the average $FBA price in the last 24 hours.

* A qualified transaction is a transaction where Firebird can collect fees in the form of whitelisted tokens. The list below is defined per chain where the Firebird fee is applied.

*Applicable tokens are subject to change over time if voted on or opportunities arise.

Passive Income With Referrals!

Firebird has created a Referral Program built into $FBA tokenomics as additional passive income for our users. Earn bonus rewards on every successful transaction after meeting one of two criteria; after a user enters your referral link, or when a user swaps via your connection to the Firebird API.

There are 5 easy steps to reward users for connecting your friends to our platform:

  1. Connect your preferred wallet
  2. Obtain your Referral Link by heading to our Referral page
  3. Send your link to a friend
  4. Have your friend connect their wallet to our App and then click on your Referral Link
  5. Finally, relax and enjoy passive income, adjacent to your swap savings and $FBA profit-share.

Claiming Your $FBA Cashback!

Swap, Save, Earn.

Firebird is the first ever multi-chain DEX aggregator with a cashback feature. Only on our platform are users rewarded with tokens, which can be staked for even more rewards, by simply using our Aggregator. We see our cashback feature as double the rewards for our users; saving on swaps from fees, and earning on swaps with $FBA cashback.

Earning $FBA through swaps is very easy. Simply trade using our elegant Swap UI and DEX Aggregator service at:

Our Swap UI will display your estimated $FBA cashback from your total amount swapped.

Fantom Chain Swap: Example Screenshot

For users trading on other $FBA Cashback enabled chains, such as Cronos (CRO), you will see a button above the Swap UI that says ‘Claim’. Pressing this Claim button will prompt you with a window to change your Web3 Wallet back to Fantom where you can claim your multi-chain cashback!

Cronos Chain Swap: Example Screenshot

Once you have completed a successful and qualified transaction, it will appear in our Earn tab. Here, you will be presented with all qualified transactions with claimable $FBA, and any previously claimed $FBA. Simply click ‘Claim All’ to receive all unclaimed $FBA at once, or individually click ‘Claim ’ on any unclaimed swap that you have made.

Earn Tab: Claiming your $FBA


Will the snapshot period for qualified $FBA transactions ever change?

Snapshot rate is subject to change depending on trading volume.

I swapped using Firebird all week and I don’t see any tokens in my wallet! Can you help?

$FBA tokens are not sent to your wallet automatically, they need to be claimed on using the dedicated button while you are connected to the Fantom network.

If there is a cap on $FBA minting, what happens if I swap after that cap has been reached?

There will be a first come, first serve rule: If the max threshold has been reached, no more $FBA will be minted for later qualified transactions until the next snapshot is taken.

Swap, Save, Earn — Only at Firebird. It’s better than DEX.






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