Firebird API Lands On Fantom!

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4 min readMay 1, 2022


Today marks a key milestone for Firebird. Our extremely talented team has been working day and night to produce and test a comprehensive API. Protocols can use our API to take advantage of Firebird’s impressive routing capabilities without needing to visit

As you all know, Firebird’s DEX Aggregator allows users to swap tokens easily at the best rates by aggregating liquidity from different DEXs on a particular network. Now you can integrate Firebird’s DEX Aggregator Swap directly as part of your protocol; you can now use the Firebird Aggregator API as part of any backend service, website, dApp, discord bot, anything — anywhere, you name it!

The missing puzzle piece?

Since the introduction of our aggregation fee on Fantom, we have seen impressive sustainability even throughout extreme market volatility. Firebird has built an impressive and loyal fanbase on our most optimised chain by offering the best swap rates possible using an intuitive UI, and that’s all our users ask for — that we maintain our lead by continuing to innovate and optimise our routing.

Here’s where the API comes in — our user base has not only attracted day to day token swappers looking for the best prices possible at the lowest slippage — established and upcoming projects alike are starting to see the advantage Firebird aggregation could bring to their users. By utilising Firebird directly using the API, protocols can integrate our revolutionary routing as part of their awesome DeFi stack to make sure they stay competitive and bring savings directly to their customers.

How it works

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Firebird’s API integration is straightforward and easy to use with just one API call. Anyone can now fetch the best price with platform fee and smart contract friendly encoded data from Firebird’s blazingly fast aggregation backend.

We’ve even documented a sample code snippet for your integration below!

Example use cases:

Super-charged auto-compounders! Use the Firebird API to make sure that when your auto-compounder uses emissions to buy the underlying tokens to increase LP, they are being bought using the lowest slippage possible and ultimately making your products even more efficient!

No DEX? No problem! Plug and play the Firebird API directly as part of your DeFi stack and take advantage of all of the most used liquidity sources on Fantom instantly!

Giga-brain knowledge, without the hassle! Integrate the Firebird API as part of a crypto utility bot so you can let your customers know what DeFi liquidity is being utilised the most, and when!

And anything else your heart desires…

Sounds great, but what’s the catch?

When was the last time you saw someone catch a birb? Exactly. Birbs are swift and agile — just like us. We saw the demand and we executed. We want to further expand our user-base and encourage protocol-to-protocol relationships to not only help with integration but also to help expand the API use cases, without any catch.

Stage 1:

By using the Firebird API, you and your community will benefit with an overall-enhanced product, happier customers and since our minor aggregation fee is already applied to swaps, you will also be helping us at Firebird maintain our lead in aggregation! All we ask in return is you consider adding a simple icon to the product page enhanced via the API, for example:

Link for Icons:

Stage 2:

We will engage with you actively on the promotion of any products that utilise the Firebird API. This includes but isn’t limited to social media cross-promotion, direct contact with product management to discuss current (and future!) use cases and cross-community AMAs with the Firebird team!

Stage 3:

Once the API is stable and actively being used, we plan to explore the viability of sharing a percentage of the aggregation fees your platform will bring to us, directly to you or your users! A win-win for everybody!

Stage 4:

Expand our route optimization further on every EVM compatible chain, enable fee collection and deploy the API when we are the clear market leader in aggregation for that given chain. Right now, the API is limited to Fantom, but in the future you can expect a full specification for every chain where Firebird reigns supreme!

If you are interested in trying the API for yourself, please see the documentation link below, and please do not hesitate to contact us via our discord for any advice or assistance.


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