Firebird FBA Token Migration Guideline

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3 min readJun 24, 2022


This article is designed for HOPE and HOPE-P holders


The time has almost come! Firebird fans will soon be able to burn their legacy tokens and claim the ultimate aggregator super token, FBA!

The Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) is a next-gen profit-sharing token backed with multi-chain utilities and designed for maximum longevity. Equipped with a first-of-its-kind multi-chain cashback feature and multi-chain profit-share system, FBA will change how every single casual trader, DeFi opportunist, and even seasoned crypto professionals trade their daily tokens!

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Claim your FBA

Firebird is leaving conventional DeFi tokens of old in the dust, and spearheading the next wave of profit-sharing and governance tokens for a more profitable future.

To join in on this exciting journey with us, please follow the super-easy burn and claim process below and please keep in mind the following:

Key points

  • You will have 90 days from Monday 27th of June 7 AM UTC to burn your HOPE and HOPE-P tokens. After this period, the bridge will be closed and further burns will be disabled.
  • There is a 180 day linear vesting period beginning on Monday 27th June, 7 AM UTC.
    This 180 day period is fixed, meaning users who claim later will only have to wait the remaining time and will be able to claim the current total FBA (same as someone who burned immediately).

Example of burning after the initial date:
User burns on Day 80 (10 days before bridge is closed). They will receive the total distributed FBA from Days 1–80, and will only have to wait another 100 days for the remaining FBA (80 + 100 = 180 days vested).

Claim your FBA in these 4 easy steps!

  1. Go to the Burn Interface on Firebird’s App ( link available on Monday) and connect your wallet to either Polygon (HOPE) or BNB (HOPE-P) depending on which token(s) you hold.
  2. Connect your wallet and enter the amount of HOPE/HOPE-P you wish to burn in return for FBA (The interface will display the amount of FBA you will receive).

3. Click Burn and accept the transaction .

4. Head over to the Fantom network where the same page will allow you to claim your FBA tokens!

Congratulations! You are now fully prepared for the FBA launch. Please make sure to follow us on medium, twitter and join our discord community to stay up to date on the development of Firebird and we look forward to shaping the DeFi space with you all!

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