Firebird Finance’ new profit-sharing model

As Firebird Finance continues to grow into a multi-chain DeFi powerhouse, we remain focused on delivering the best value to our users, therefore we have decided to

restructure our profit-sharing model of our Swap pools and OneSwap pools.

With these changes, we will expedite the onboarding of exciting projects and form new partnerships. 
The new distribution model changes how fees are broken down for pools associated with the Swap platform for crypto tokens. Additionally, the OneSwap pools which work for the exchange of different stablecoins. The new model aims to be more equitable for all the parties involved and produce higher returns for all parties.

Current profit-sharing model

Currently, 75% of swap fees from Firebird Swap go to stakers of mHOPE as profit-share. While the remaining 25% goes to liquidity providers in the pool.

For Oneswap pools, 100% of the fees go to mHOPE stakers, leaving only additional incentives as rewards to liquidity providers.

Updated profit-sharing model

In an effort to generate an optimal distribution we are going to implement the following changes:
Firebird Swap fees are broken down as follows:

  1. 40% of swap fees will be converted to USDC as profit sharing for mHOPE stakers.
  2. 30% of swap fees will be converted to HOPE and will go back to the pool’s creator.
  3. 30% of swap fees will be converted to HOPE and will go to traders who used Firebird Finance’s Swap (split proportional with trading amount).

The new structure is meant to incentivize both the creation of pools and reward people staking HOPE tokens long term. The mechanism will feed the value of our token and push its valuation forward.

Firebird OneSwap pools will have these changes:

OneSwap pools now can be created on our permissionless platform (with a small fee in HOPE to prevent spamming).

  1. 60% of OneSwap swap fees will be converted to USDC as profit for mHOPE stakers.
  2. 40% of OneSwap swap fees will be converted to HOPE and go back to the pool’s creator.

Who can work with us?

Firebird Finance is live on three networks Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and KuCoin Community Chain, but soon we’ll have some exciting developments on this front. We are open to work with projects on those ecosystems looking to set up their own pools. 
For those projects looking to establish stablecoin pools, there is no need for verification. Anyone can open a stable-assets pool, configure the fee distribution according to their strategy, and launch it on our platform. 
New projects looking to set up pools can use our Farms-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform. It’s great to drive liquidity to your ecosystem and partner with an established DeFi protocol. Just get in touch with us via any of our social media channels. 
We have more announcements coming shortly for the Firebird Finance ecosystem. Stay tuned on our channels to be notified of all the development coming: 
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