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4 min readNov 15, 2021


Firebird Finance is a one-stop DeFi platform that aims to revolutionize decentralized finance services by meeting all your DeFi needs in a single platform. Our purpose in DeFi is to provide our users with a suite of high-performing products that are designed to bring innovation, security and high yields under a single project.

At Firebird Finance, we build user-centered products around several cores values:

  1. To become the ‘Ultimate Superstore’ of DeFi, offering the best of everything.
  2. Increase user accessibility to yield farming and decentralized markets.
  3. To build on-chain voting solutions for governance, giving power to our stakeholders.
  4. Reward stakeholders with flexible, optimized and profitable pool strategies.
  5. Provide our users with the safest and most profitable approach to DeFi.

What is IoTeX?

Powered by the IoTeX platform, the Internet of Trusted Things is the first open, safe, and human-centered ecosystem of self-sovereign devices and users. With the Internet of Trusted Things, we can finally have peace of mind knowing our data, identity, and privacy is owned by us, not institutions.

Firebird’s mission for expanding onto IoTeX

What makes us different? Why use Firebird? Why another DEX?

Launching a DEX aggregator is just the first step in deploying our complete ecosystem on IoTeX. As time progresses we will add additional products and features including; our next gen Vaults capable of using multiple strategies to bring users even higher yield, and Farms-as-a-Service, easy to create incentivised liquidity mining pools that allow other businesses maximum customization options starting from pool weight to vested and multiple rewards.

Firebird SwapV2 on IoTeX

A leading reason to expand to new chains is to find ecosystems like IoTeX that allow us to push our Swap technology to the limits. The more efficient the underlying smart-contract platform is, the more we can push our SwapV2 tech to its limits. Providing you the most optimised token swapping experience in existence.

SwapV2 is the next generation of AMMs for future DeFi exchanges. SwapV2 is an AMM with integrated aggregator function, allowing users to swap any token with the best possible rate across all competitor DEXs. SwapV2 supports flexible swap fees and flexible ratio for liquidity pairs. We have focused our resources on refining our aggregating algorithm to have better slippage for users over the last few months.

We have also built our user-interface to clearly display where your funds are being routed to in real-time. While ensuring you’re getting the best value, you also control where it goes.

For user-experience, we have created simple buttons that give users full control over how the transaction is conducted. With a few clicks, you can customize your slippage tolerance (maximum price variation after accepting the transaction) and transaction deadline. An additional highly innovative feature is our ‘Liquidity resources’ option. This allows users the ability to customize the liquidity sources for the exchange. By default all 12 options are available (for maximum return), by clicking on a choice it will be toggled off, giving users total control of where your funds are routed through.

Future Plans

  • Become a true cross-chain aggregator with best possible price and fastest execution time for the next generation of DeFi. We need to cement ourselves as the ‘go-to’ platform for as many users and chains as possible.
  • We plan to improve our current product base and expand to different chains, while focusing on the rewarding HOPE stakers.
  • Every new chain we build our products on is more potential profit for our loyal users. As seen in the picture below, we have several chains we plan to launch on. Most notably Polkadot, Harmony, Solana and Ethereum. HOPE will be the single, cross-chain profit sharing token that currently lives on Polygon but could ultimately live wherever is best.
  • We reached over $3.5 billion dollars in trading volume across all our current chains.
  • Once we have our foothold on these chains we will begin to roll out additional products like vaults, farms and even more exciting products in the near future.

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Firebird Finance

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