New Staking Pool Migration Guide


As per our recent announcement, we need all mHOPE stakers to migrate their tokens to the new contract in order to benefit from the rewards fix. The emission of the rewards (USDC) will officially start on November 13th at 12PM UTC so make sure to complete the migration at your earliest convenience so you don’t miss out on any emissions (joining later will be absolutely fine, but since rewards are given per second, the earlier you migrate the better).

We have added $500 to the emission so the user-interface displays the APR and USDC per second for the next 3 days — after which the missed rewards + normal rewards will start.

The instructions below will help you understand the steps necessary to migrate your staked mHOPE from the legacy governance contract to the new one.:


Step 1 — Visit and connect your wallet to the Polygon network.

Step 2 — Under the My Legacy Pool section, click the Migrate Now button.

Step 3 — Confirm the Unstake transaction with your wallet and wait for the transaction to complete.

Step 4 — Click Stake and confirm the transaction with your wallet.

Step 4 — That’s it! You may now enjoy your upcoming passive income

Step 5 — Sit back and enjoy higher rewards with corrected calculations!

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