Partnership Highlights: Polycat Finance

As we continue our journey through our set of amazing partners, in this article we’ll highlight Polycat Finance. The project is already one of the most exciting on the Polygon ecosystem, and one of the most popular vaults in Firebird Finance. Let us begin.

Who is Polycat Finance?

Polycat Finance is at its core a yield farming project, in it, people can accumulate more tokens by simply lending crypto assets over short periods of time. Polycat Finance is often praised for its excellent users’ experience that is very friendly to DeFi beginners. One o the most widely used dApps on the Polygon network and one with huge potential.

Polycat has two tokens in its ecosystem. First, we have the token FISH. The original asset of the Polycat ecosystem and a cornerstone of its products. The 3 million $FISH total supply was reached on July 29th, 2021. The project renounced ownership of the contract, and FISH is purely out there in the community.

Next, Polycat developed its second token PAW. This token has an infinite supply, currently, 8 PAW tokens are emitted per block. It is the main rewards token on the Polycat ecosystem and will become the starting point of any future projects.

Firebird Finance and Polycat Finance

Polycat Finance is one of the most active projects among the Firebird Finance vaults. Currently, there are eighteen vaults that are directly connected to Polycat. They are among the best performing vaults on Firebird measured by APY. These are:

Polycat Finance is one of the best performing projects on the Polygon Network. It has a passionate community and a great variety of products and strong tokenomics. It’s one of the most valuable partnerships for Firebird Finance and our user base.

We encourage all of our users to consider adding the Polycat Finance vaults into their DeFi strategies. The potential is immense and the value offered is almost unmatched in the blockchain industry.

We’ll have more on our series highlighting all of our amazing partners. Stay tuned on our channels to be notified of all the development coming:




Firebird Finance Faucet:

An innovative one-stop defi, multi-chain yield farming and decentralized exchange aggregator.

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Firebird Finance

Firebird Finance

An innovative one-stop defi, multi-chain yield farming and decentralized exchange aggregator.

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