Today we are excited to announce that Firebird Finance will expand to the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). To give our users the best experience, and to become a cross-chain protocol for DeFi services, the move towards KCC is a strategic one as we are one of the first yield aggregators there.

That is why starting July 26th, Firebird Finance will become accessible to the KCC community. The initial deployment will include our state-of-the-art DEX and yield aggregator.

What is the KuCoin Community Chain?

Since it’s an EVM chain, KCC is fully compatible with the ERC-20 token standard. But because its costs are cheaper than those of…

We’re very pleased to introduce Firebird’s Quest for Meme Immortality!

This is our very first Birdnest Community Campaign. We plan to run this competition every week until we release a new Birdnest Community Campaign.

📜How to enter📜

1. Simply post your creation in the dedicated #🤡meme-comp channel!

2. React to any meme with however many you want!

Winners will emerge every Wednesday!
3 different users with the most reacted meme will get the top prize!

For fairness, if a user has more than one meme with the most votes, we will choose a different user with the next biggest. …

FarmHero’s Roll Game with HOPE tokens!

Test your luck in some blockchain games! In our continued effort to create worthwhile partnerships, Firebird Finance has joined with FarmHero to bring the HOPE Roll Game.

Players are able to participate using HOPE tokens.
Roll Game is super exciting and very easy to use!

1. Users will need to connect their crypto wallet to FarmHero using Polygon.

2. On the Roll Game board select the HOPE token.

Firebird Finance is growing exponentially. This week we broke our all-time profits record, and we are just beginning.

As we have kept adding new Vaults to our platform, and have announced important partnerships with great projects. We are full steam ahead.

Of course, our focus remains fully on servicing our users. To that effect, all our growth and important announcements are there to benefit of our passionate community.


Well in this article we’ll break down how anyone can benefit from our success, so we can grow together.

mHOPE is Firebird Finance’s passive income tool.
The mHOPE token is our platform’s governance…

Iron Finance is gearing up for its re-launch and Firebird Finance is the chosen liquidity provider.

As an important move for both DeFi protocols, the Iron Finance re-launch will involve the opening of ICE/WETH for swapping on Firebird and changes to the exchange fee distribution.
All changes are designed to benefit users of both DeFi protocols. Our aim is to increase the stability of the economic model and ensure the best experience for our users.

What is part of the re-launch?

Firebird Finance will become the main swap AMM platform for ICE liquidity providers. That means that starting July 12th, Firebird Swap will once again be…

We at Firebird Finance want to reward our most dedicated users for their support. We know many of you love our SwapV2 platform, and we want to give you a gift for your loyalty.

To that end, we have created a prize pool of $450 in HOPE tokens that will be distributed weekly.

So, keep using our Swap platform and enter the chance to win free HOPE tokens.

What are the steps to enter?

1. Follow the Firebird Finance on Twitter
2. Join the Firebird community of Telegram and Discord .
3. Complete the Firebird Swap campaign form.
4. Start swapping on Firebird Finance!

New User Prize Pool

Users connecting…

In an effort to reward the most committed members of our community, Firebird Finance is excited to announce the unveiling of our Top Fan Program. Participants will be awarded titles of recognition in our social media channels and receive prizes from a 7500 HOPE pool every week.

To enter and become a Top Fan, follow these steps:

1. Follow the Firebird Finance on Twitter

2. Join the Firebird community of Telegram and Discord.

3. Like, retweet, reply and tag 3 friends in any tweets on Firebird Official Twitter Account.

The more tweets, the higher chances of winning.

There will be honorable titles bestowed upon you for your utmost commitment and…

Kyber Collaborates with Firebird Finance for ‘Rainmaker’ Liquidity Mining Launch on Polygon

Kyber Network is a blockchain-based liquidity hub that connects liquidity from a wide range of sources to power instant and secure crypto exchange for any application.

Kyber has just deployed its latest protocol called Kyber Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) on the Polygon network and launched the Rainmaker liquidity mining program.

Kyber DMM maximises the use of capital for liquidity providers through amplified pools that enable high capital efficiency and a dynamic fee model that optimises returns. With Rainmaker, Kyber aims to boost liquidity on the Kyber DMM protocol, provide high capital efficiency for liquidity providers, and grow the DeFi ecosystem.

A mutually beneficial partnership to build TVL and Volume on MATIC
The Cat and Bird are partnering together:

Firebird Finance and Polycat Finance will combine their resources to bring more liquidity to Polygon .

Both Firebird Finance & Polycat Finance are trying to capture as much liquidity and trading volume on Polygon as possible, opening avenues for potential collaborations.

In the following days, Firebird and Polycat Finance will invest incentives to one another’s platform to attract more use-cases for their individual tokens.


- FISH/USDC on Firebird Swap, getting 1x HOPE reward from Firebird.
- Firebird will create vaults for FISH/MATIC LPs on Sushi, Quickswap and DFYN, getting extra HOPE incentive

- Polycat will create vaults for all Firebird farms

How to enter #Battle of the DEX’s Giveaway

In honor of the Firebird SwapV2 release on Polygon, we’re challenging you to put Firebird’s SwapV2 to the test and win $100 in HOPE.

We've built the most efficient Swap on Polygon and we welcome your Challenge.

From the 29th of June to the 5th of July, (Tuesday to Monday) you could be one of Firebirds SwapV2 giveaway winners when you share how efficient the SwapV2 is.

There is a prize pool of $2000 in HOPE, for 20 lucky winners who will be chosen at random.

3 winners will be announced daily for the next 6 days and 2 winners…

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