A guide made easy for our mHOPE users on Polygon!


As per our recent announcement, we need all mHOPE stakers to migrate their tokens to the new contract in order to benefit from the rewards fix. The emission of the rewards (USDC) will officially start on November 13th at 12PM UTC so make sure to complete the migration at your…

DeFi Made Easier

What is Zap?

Zap is a feature designed to simplify DeFi for users with all levels of experience. Zap enables users to become liquidity providers with only a single asset or token for any pool, including pools with more than 2 tokens. …

FaaS is Live on Firebird


Farms-as-a-Service is a platform that enables anyone to create yield-farms through a simple and self-serve interface with just a few clicks.


Our decentralised self-serve platform provides new and already established projects with the opportunity to enter yield-farming simply and safely.

  • Customizable swap fee for liquidity pool ranging from 0.2% …

Firebird Lands on Avalanche

Firebird Finance is a one-stop DeFi platform that aims to revolutionize decentralized finance services by meeting all your DeFi needs in a single platform. Our purpose in DeFi is to provide our users with a suite of high-performing products that are designed to bring innovation, security and high yields under…

Firebird Finance’ new profit-sharing model

As Firebird Finance continues to grow into a multi-chain DeFi powerhouse, we remain focused on delivering the best value to our users, therefore we have decided to

restructure our profit-sharing model of our Swap pools and OneSwap pools.

With these changes, we will expedite the onboarding of exciting projects and…

Firebird Finance has struck many partnerships during this time. All are great projects which we carefully review to make sure they offer the best value to our users. In this series of articles, we’ll highlight all of these amazing platforms, what they are about, and how you can take advantage…

Firebird Finance

An innovative one-stop defi, multi-chain yield farming and decentralized exchange aggregator.

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